Wellbeing Hub

A ‘Wellbeing Hub’ has been created by Councillor Jo Hawthorne on behalf of the Parish Council. Many of you will know that Jo has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in top level management roles in the field of Public Health, Social Care and Community Heath – we are certainly fortunate to have such a great asset in our parish.

The general aim of the Wellbeing Hub is to offer support to parishioners who are lonely, vulnerable or unwell and unable to manage. It will provide a point of contact for people who need assistance, support, guidance or advice – not just now with Coronavirus but ongoing, throughout the years to come. Something as simple as giving an elderly parishioner a lift to a local social event because they are otherwise unable to attend, or enjoying a chat or reading stories with someone who feels lonely, or delivering medical supplies or shopping or providing a meal to someone who is unwell.

The Wellbeing Hub is about caring about people within our community and providing a support & knowledge base for those in need. Any ideas, advice or assistance would be hugely appreciated, no matter how much or how little time you can spare… it might just be simply making a quick phone call to check that someone is coping.

If you have a little spare time and care about bringing a little happiness or help to our parishioners who are in need PLEASE CONTACT Jo Hawthorne on 01432 840800.

If you are someone in need of assistance now, PLEASE don’t suffer alone, CONTACT Jo Hawthorne on 01432 840800.

The Wellbeing Hub has a resilience plan in place for our community to handle Coronavirus. If you are able to offer help with safely delivering medical and/or food supplies within our parish to those in isolation who are unable to manage by themselves PLEASE CONTACT Jo Hawthorne on 01432 840800.